The Boy With The Bubbles

Theres this boy at my school, who evidently has a mental disability, and ever since day one of my freshman year, he’s been blowing bubbles outside. During each passing period, during break, and during lunch i’ll sometimes run into him or his dozens of bubbles that would be floating around. I never really paid much attention to it, but I can’t remember single day of not seeing him blowing bubbles. It’s only now, a month and a half before freshman year/high school ends, that I realize. How could somebody do the very same thing every single day continuously? How does somebody set their mind to it and just go for it? No matter the day, he finds enjoyment and pleasure in blowing bubbles, doing something he loves. Although, I do indeed enjoy seeing the bubbles. Just being in class and looking out the window, seeing all these bubbles just floating, not giving a care to what others or the world may think of ’em, no matter their time of existence in this world. I should learn to set my mind to something I love to do, no matter what. Anyways, this was just something inspirational that happened to me today :))


Reading and other sorts of things

Ive only just recently realized how much I missed reading and drawing. Ever since Ive stopped using my phone, Ive been drawing more, such as two of my favorite characters Zero and Claptrap, from my favorite video game, Borderlands, and other doodles of some sort. Ive also gone back to reading. I just recently finished reading this book thats been sitting next to my bed for the past 6ish months, and I absolutely adored it. Its called “Love and Gelato” by Jenna Evans Welch. It talks about this girl named Lina who’s mother died of cancer and had to spend the summer with her “father” that she had never heard of before in Florence, Italy. The book was full of adventure, drama, romance, and so many emotions compacted in such beautiful little outbursts. I’d definitely recommend it if you like realistic fiction. Aside from that though, books have always been a large part of my life. They would always bring me on these adventures that I could only dream of, and fill my with such joy and curiosity, and after reading each book a small part of me would change and grow. I used to read hours upon hours at a time. That is until I started using a phone. I really do need to focus more on my priorities. Which are listed from family –> myself –> school –> keeping healthy relationships with my friends. When I say myself I mean indulging myself more in self awareness, mindfulness, and doing more of what I enjoy to do. Which obviously includes reading! 🙂

Enjoy life

Take the day off

Go out in nice comfy clothes

Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, spend some time reading at a cafe, go to a park and sit on a bench, get some fresh air

Sometimes life can be such  a burden we tend to forget how much life is such a gift

Even if you don’t have somebody, enjoy life, cause life is what we’ll have forever anyways.

Comparing me to you

Quit comparing me to you

I’m not 32

I am 14

I haven’t lived the life that you have

I have yet to reach that point

You compare your work and stress with mine

Your overload

I’m aware and understand what you go through

But I’m going through things too

Quit comparing me to you

When I’m down I have yet to learn how to get up

When I’m stressed, I have yet to learn how to handle it

When I can’t sleep, I don’t tell you

For you compare me

To you

For the nightmare I have almost every night

You don’t believe.

If you worry

It’s not for the right thing.

Just leave me be