We´re put here to live, not ponder on why


I want to dance

I want to be in your trance

To forget everything for the night

And be in your arms so tight

But only if you give me the chance

I love you

As your scent drives me crazy, your warmth calms me down. As your touch sets my skin ablaze, your eyes capture me. Your words are a perfect melody that I want to hear over and over again, the beat of your heart a lullaby as I close my eyes. The slow rhythm of your breathing, as your chest drops and I lay my head against it. To the very place your arm rests upon my back and the feel of your eyes on my neck.

The way your fingers intertwine with mine, like a ribbon woven together with another. You set me into an endless whirl of emotions and yet, you can snatch me and put me back into place.

All I want is to kiss your neck, your hands, your lips. To be safe in that safe haven I call your arms. To have the familiar touch of your lips on my cheek, like a snowflake kissing the earth’ cold surface. I need you like the earth needs the sun to see another day.

I love you and there is so much more I can say to just explain this sensation that burns at the very core of my soul, the fire growing back to life from the embers that were scattered all across my world, the passion roaring as it engulfs an individuals thoughts,  heart,  life, their very being. To mold ourselves together into one and create a bonfire that can reach up to the sky, where the stars shine like drops of pure light, and where the heavens must shield their eyes.

I will satisfy myself with just lying down with you and simply just being in your presence, as long as you remember that I love you

I love you

Who I am

There were those days when I used to just lay down on my bed and listen to music for hours on straight and just close my eyes, feel the beat, imagine the lyrics dancing to their own steps and creating a story.

Songs can describe so much; love, anger, sadness, happiness, lust, anything we want.

At some point in my life, people have run me over so much, I couldn’t even differ who I was anymore.

I pretended my interests, tried to look good, cared what others thought, and said things I never thought.

At some point, I myself thought that was me.

But now I’ve been listening to these songs, the ones I would listen to back then, and I’m now remembering who I was and word by word, beat by beat, I’m remembering who I was and how free I used to be from this thing we call society.

Society has its grip on us and we don’t see it. We just waltz right into it.

I get some people feel complete when they follow everyone else’s stream but I wanna swim back into my stream.

Doesn’t mean I cant enjoy some things others find enjoyable but I cant fake it.

I’ve gotta be real with who I am 🙂

A breathe stolen

As a breath is stolen and another heart beats in the chamber of the chest, a soul is seen by the naked eye. Some say the eyes are the doors to the soul but perhaps only a single touch of the flesh could cause a fire roaring from it, showcasing the whole. Another blink of an eye, another moment not seen, yet all moments kept in this web time spins. Except perhaps the eyes of a lover, a writer, can jot down those moments into words, as a passion brings down the walls of the body, two beings mold into one and then into infinite. This love we say is a void we can fling it into and it will disperse into an unlimited meaning. A word could perhaps be another spark for a passion of mine. Some inspiration to lay upon perhaps

The “what if” bag

we should never carry a what if bag, although, there are two different what if bags. one where you’re saying what if I had done it? and the other What if I had never done it? people seem to get confused with the two and then get stuck with one. Although, I do think there is a third bag. One where you had thought. One where you didn’t say what if but you thought of what would have happened if you had.

Except, some may disagree with me of course, for there is always a second opinion in everything, no matter the subject at hand, and they may say that sometimes we can not “think” about what we are about to do and just do it. So then that falls into the “what ifs” categories.

Another bag there could be is the “don’t care” bag, where you don’t think of the what-ifs nor think about anything at all. You just go for it I suppose. Like plunging into unknown water, not knowing what lurks in the dark. 

Honestly, humanity has thought of way too many bags to carry and id rather throw those down, wipe the sweat from my forehead, and live my life. No matter how young I am, how much of the world I haven’t seen, I do know that I will not burden myself upon my shoulders, mind, and soul, these worries. Even if I regret some choices, at least I figured out what would have happened. I know there is a lot out there that I haven’t experienced, perhaps one day my opinion will change. But I do know now that I do not want to follow that lead.

I get that some people will take it as being organized to have the what if bags or others just a stupid thought. Some people might think, for whatever reason, that what I just said is total nonsense and that I just said a hypocritical thing. To me, what I’m saying is, don’t get stuck with one idea or “what if”. Move on to the next step and then the next. No matter what, everybody does a mistake, some more than others. Except it’s not wrong to have a bag that you carry around, I suppose some people prefer it that way. I personally prefer to have a lighter load is all 😛